sick. #NYC_cold


we’re sick.

nothing serious (apart from still-recovering-from-surgery) just a NYC cold :(

can’t remember the last time we crawled home post-therapy (we Wish we could tell you what we’re uncovering There……but it would be a Very different sort of blog…..Blimey)

so we are staying Chez Nous.

and keeping warm.

of course there are pictures ;)




More Essentials.

some Slow Scrapbooking while listening to radio 4

being a Tiny bit arty with the marbles we bought yesterday at the Chelsea artists fair.

who are they for?

insider tip: we have a bag in the closet/cupboard with things-to-give-people.

we read that tip in Martha’s magazine once.

doesn’t Martha inspire You?

answers on a postcard, darlings.

Or (below) ;)

4 thoughts on “sick. #NYC_cold

    1. The tomato soup was also Very Helpful.

      But not a patch on a head cold in England with repeats of doctor who and fish fingers, peas and smash for supper on a tray before the tomorrow people comes on. ;)

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