carnage (oh dear) – but someone Glorious in the line/queue

so – darlings – we Don’t Recommend Carnage.

heard the play was marvelous/marvellous.

well it Really didn’t translate to celluloid (or whatever high def pixelated product they shoot on these days)

like sitting through a bad marriage*

(not that we have first hand experience of the be-ringed state – well, not up close – and not a ring we bought or wore, put it that way ;)

However – a good NY moment.

dialogue does it justice so here goes…..

is this the line for carnage?

teamgloria shrugs, exhausted by the loooooong week.

it’s a general line, we think

New Yorker looks perplexed and EXITS (to healthy option snack bar – this SCENE takes place below-14th-street darlings – raw juice and herbal tea bags alongside gourmet chocolate and actual brewed caffeine)

NMP ENTERS – in a mad hurry. teamgloria waves weakly from half way down. NMP rushes over.

I was early but the lighting was so bad I had to wait down the street

bad – for your complexion?

NMP roars with laughter.


(both laugh)

well you got here just in time – Spielberg is here

War Horse opened already??

no. Spielberg himself is at the front of the line

NMP does nonchalant scanning-of-one

behind blue column, underneath chandelier



shorter hair.

(Yes, we say things like that in NYC – it’s a way of admitting you keep up with famous people – but, you know, at an angle)

we always love this city when we’re wrapped up warm and giggling with old friends.

especially when we know we’ll be basking in the mid-70s temperatures of Los Angeles in – oh – 9 days ;)

8 thoughts on “carnage (oh dear) – but someone Glorious in the line/queue

  1. Oh good heavens. Only an Angeleno would go to New York to be seen standing in line for a movie he could have seen at a private screening on the Lot. But I love New Yorkers. The Pope could be strap hanging next to you on the subway and no one would say a word. Okay, maybe someone would roll their eyes at the hat, but that would be it.

    1. Do tell what the sassy lady would say – out of the corner of her mouth, tossing that ice-cream glossy blonde mane to one side………..


      Adore You.

      How’s the novel coming on? We found the prologue Thrilling and need more!

      _tg xx

      1. No more on the novel, i think the novel will come at the end – the other stuff will become the novel. But that’s enough about me – this is your blog remember.

        Anyway – Maye West would have said ‘Luck had nothing to do with it!’


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