higher doses and lesser worries.

It went alright.

Well, it Went.

Because it does.

But OW.


It hurt.

The snakey camera up-the-nose-and-down-the-throat (and out again – almost worse, if that’s possible)

Diagnosis. More rest.

And more synthroid.


So we took a stroll into virtual monochrome, called a mentor for wise counsel and saw some friends…..





And night falls in manhattan.


It’s easier to be hopeful when surrounded by twinkle lights.

12 thoughts on “higher doses and lesser worries.

  1. there’s a string of twinkle lights out my window now – Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards, with a splash up into the hills. I would wrap them up and send them to you now if I could. In a lovely red and gilt stamped Cartier box.

  2. Dear Gloria,
    all the best. Take care of yourself.
    May I suggest you to go sometimes (some quality times) to a place where you can “nurture” yourself for the Big Future.
    Mincepie could also help.

    1. bienvenue “arbrav” a teamgloria!

      c’est superb a vous voir ici, cheri(e?) :)

      but the mince pie stopped working for our melancholy a while ago – mais, the suggestion c’etait tres festive and we Adore That.

      do visit again.

      plus tard, as they say…..

      _tg xx

    1. dearest D

      they really do – don’t they?

      sort of wild-eyed abandon childish sense of wonder inducing……

      hope you’re nice and toasty wherever you are – the words are flowing – and the tea is piping hot.

      _tg xx

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