check up and blood test results and the descending melancholy

so it’s here – winter – with its bare trees and dark gloomy mornings………….

and not a good smile to be found chez teamgloria (although tis only halfway into the first few moments of caffeine’s dark embrace ;)

we have our check up, back at the surgeon’s office today – blood test results (is the body still freaking out at the absence of the three tumors/tumours/Tobias together with the diseased-battered glands and a strangled thyroid?)

and the bit we Really Hate.

when they force a tube down our nose into our throat (after spraying some substance that has some distinctly similar properties of numbing and well-being-albeit-brief from the days of Studio 54, darlings – apparently non-negotiable) which has a camera and probe attached as they look at the (sadly still swollen and inflammed according to our special accupuncture/chiropractor/shaman magic man Dr. P) remains of our slain throat.

then after that hideousness, the surgeon lectures us about our scar maintenance (we just Don’t Like Pressing on the scar to make it blend in – It Makes Us Sick to our stomach).

and he demonstrates how to do it.


(the sound of a teamgloria, mascara coursing down her cheeks)

so wherever you are today – a little soothing thought at 3pm EST (american friends) or 1500 hours + 5 or + 6 for our europeans (so that would be mid-first-act Theatre or a Late Supper in Vienna sort of a time) or a nuit blanche (lucky you) for our kind Friends in Asia – or a very late night clubbing and returning home, high heels in hand, Burberry trench casually slung (vintage, naturally) over your companion’s arm and a smile on your face to send good wellness vibes from the land of mystery and intrigue and breathtaking economic rising……..actually, your thoughts can only help, no matter how exhausted you are at 3AM, love.

thanks for listening – it helps.

are you worried about anything today you’d like to “share with the group”?


go on.

the water’s warm here – we like to listen, with a concerned and loving half-smile, while toying with our grapefruit in the morning……..

6 thoughts on “check up and blood test results and the descending melancholy

  1. Hello, love. And oh, how hideous that nasal numbing stuff is. Had it when my vocal cords got overused and some “nodes” were discovered. Bleeech. Don’t worry about the scar. We all have them and carry them and sometimes they show and that’s what makes us human (and what makes you Gloria), so don’t fret when the doctor frets. They value perfection when we know it doesn’t really exist, except in some photographs taken in a certain kind of light. ; ) The kind you like to display here, my dear. As for me, much to fret about, life all up in the air kind of stuff. But onward and onward we go. Looking forward to a few days off and to be in the mindless part of mindfulness, where only the hours that lie ahead, waiting to be filled with puzzles and drawing and long hikes in the snow, are what matters, and not the stir and noise of what lies beyond. Sending you hugs. And feeling like it’s time for tea again, no? xoxo

    1. Definitely Time for Tea!

      when we return – lightly tanned (a moist washcloth/flannel/white fabric) over our scar – from the Other Coast.

      thank you for being here.

      it helps.

      and we Love that You Understand.

  2. Dear Friend,

    What an honest, moving and very beautiful post you wrote this morning. I know exactly how you feel, and sometimes it is so hard when these feelings surface.

    I will be watching the clock today and thinking every good wellness thought imaginable for you.

    Remember, you are adored.



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