6 thoughts on “we have a New Logo!

  1. Cheltenham lady says:

    Of course you didn’t need to meet face-to-face…… you are here, full voice and in living colour/color on the page/screen, in all your glory and she has captured you perfectly. Brava!
    As to the ‘collage’ ouch, that’s just further evidence that you did the right thing in crossing the pond and gracing us here with your delicious wit, talent and wise counsel. Much love, looking forward to seeing you soon.

    1. teamgloria says:

      Isn’t it fabulous!

      And we Never Met the designer face to face!

      This was purely from our creative brief and her sense of teamgloria from reading the blog………#magical.

      thank you dear mp.

      _tg xx

  2. ABM says:

    Darling, it’s a glittering triumph!!!

    All the effort has paid off, and every aspect of this new visual is really working.

    So, so proud of you!


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