sharing a feeling. or two.


can we share a little something with you?

it’s a little – how can we put this gently – painful.

so we asked the Lovely Jonathan to send parcels out to England, in time to catch the Christmas Post.

and we just got a response.

ah. we received your “Collage”*.

*don’t you hate passive-aggressive inverted commas, darlings?

oh good. glad it arrived.

(silence in the texting universe)

(a little later)

we have roses like that in our garden.

(pause for teamgloria to swallow – still smarting from inverted commas)

that’s our most recent photography……


yes, the roses are doing rather well this year.


yes. we’re related.

……………….just IMAGINE if we told them all about teamgloria ;-)


but we have You.

and that’s delicious.

Now to a better feeling…….

as you know we Adore a Parcel!

William sent english lavender linen spray, guide to cornwall (we’ve rented a cottage for a blog-hols in June), Fortnum’s tea and Hinge & Bracket (hysterical drag comedy duo – think edwardian ladies with surprisingly hairy legs underneath the brocade, darlings). #giggle


More than Makes up for the inverted commas Incident.

thank the gods for friends.



5 thoughts on “sharing a feeling. or two.

  1. Darling,

    How dare anything to do with your creativity and wonderfulness be put in inverted commas, and then the conversation turned to themselves. VERY POOR!

    As one of my TV chums (broadcasting, not mixed wardrobe) likes to say: ‘That’s enough about me, how do you think I’m doing?’

    So glad you liked the English Parcel (good name for something there). Am sitting here listening to H&B myself and laughing and thinking of you.


    PS Gloria looking delicious on the masthead.

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