waving from our skyscraper to yours, dear.

something Very Lovely happened today.

we can’t give you Details (you know how it is, with the Day Job and all, darlings…) but the gist of it is this –

INT: Important Skyscraper Office – Day
the interior is impressive but functional – but the decorative touches by teamgloria are delicious – whimsical 1930s illustrations, ribbons from india, low lights and a brochure for a 1928 cruise on the desk.

good lord! have you seen this?

teamgloria motions to deputy who looks closely at the typewritten SpreadSheet and shakes her head.

that belongs to GlamorousLadyX!

deputy gives another questioning look. teamgloria turns back to her desk and starts typing furiously (80 wpm, in case you were curious, darlings)

INT: Important Office in a Different Skyscraper – Day
this office is beautiful – very feminine – lots of sleek bronze tapestry and white leather low slung chairs. a very pert and elegant lady – GlamourousLadyX – stares at her computer and picks up her phone, with a shriek of delicious laughter.

meanwhile…….across town.

INT: Important Skyscraper Office – Day
teamgloria’s executive assistant pops her head around the door and ENTERS.

GlamourousLadyX on the phone? How Delicious!
(into phone)
How lovely to hear your voice! Yes, we have something that’s yours – must have got overlooked in all the different mergers and acquisitions and financial importance – let us introduce you to the right person-that-works-for-a-suit who can return it…….oh! you’re most Welcome. We’re a Huge Fan. And we’re waving from our skyscraper to yours!

INT: Important Office in a Different Skyscraper – Day

(laughter like a tiny waterfall in the lobby of a hotel in Cannes, circa 1929)
Thank you gloria…….

darlings – don’t be frustrated – that’s the closest we can come to telling you that we did a Lovely piece of business karma today (and then had a very nice lunch telling someone splendid – who would Completely Understand – all about it).

such fun!

here it is – moleskine #125

what adventures shall befall us within us and without us (as the Beatles sang) This Month?

can’t wait…..

Such an Adventure.

don’t forget to take a few moments to yourself today, darlings, just to relax.

we sat here last night, for an hour, and wrote and thought and dreamed (and decompressed) and smiled.

it helps.

it all helps.




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