the importance of being Isaac.

we have never met Isaac.

but we adore him.


full of gorgeous reference and reverence for fashion. and Fashion People.

Like Polly Mellen.

In love with spectacle, cut, shape and vintage movies.

and colour/color/shades like small dishes of sugared almonds in a gilt dish at Versailles.

we had a few Too Many emails.

and so took to our Creative Nest – scrapbook, new york magazine, moleskine 124 (almost finished) and a deep bowl of comforting oatmeal, made with milk, cinnamon and a dash of cardamom.

And Isaac.

thank the gods for creative fashionable glorious people – just saying ;)

*almost forgot, darlings! The movie is the documentary about Isaac Mizrahi called Unzipped.

delicious and divine and Delightful.

especially the bits about Nanook of the North, the barely-there scrim, Isaac’s mother and – oh go on, watch it! You can’t help falling in love with him.

and love and fashion are Important.

probably in that order.

but not always.

3 thoughts on “the importance of being Isaac.

  1. Dearest jC


    And you Know we are going to print out your Comment and stick carefully into the new moleskine journal…… is So Delicious to know you. And all you have known, dear one.

    The sun is shining. #grin

  2. dearest gloria,

    gorgeous memories … my first meeting with Isaac was over lunch at a divine, chic diner on the West side, many, many years ago. My first visit to the West side or to this type of fun, ‘in’ diner…will remember the name as i walk to our day job. Isaac is one to be with – if inspiration, laughter, hugging and pure genuis is what you’re looking for today….

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