9 thoughts on “testing a new logo, darlings.

  1. Would you hate me or call me insensitive if I am a tad critical about the propositions? They all seem too pink/ purple too me and, in my eyes, not modern enough… But that’s just my opinion and please do as you want and as you feel it!

    I won’t play the marketing whore (I am not half as good as someone on the other coast ;-)) but have a look on a friend’s office webpage… Maybe there are some ideas to find : http://letterinberlin.de/

    1. Dearest J

      Mais non!

      All opinions are Most Welcomed….

      The digital designs in berlin are lovely, indeed.


      Hope La Belle France is beautiful today – with a sly whiff of vintage gardenia fragrance and intense smoky aroma of chicory mixed with gauloises from lovers on the upper balcon as one passes by……

  2. Oooo, It’s beautiful! Was so excited to see that image for gloria. It’s dreamy, fun & intriguing (like you;). I scrolled back up to see it again after reading the post. I also really like the one right next to it on your instagram capture. The one where it’s more of a head shot with the glove by her face. There both Sparkly, Glossy and Sassy. Love them :)


  3. William – we agree! That’s exactly how we imagined her ;)

    ABM – you win the Prize of the day for using the Delicious 1920s word SWELL.

    So happy to have you in our lives.

  4. What a huge step forward in gloriaousness!

    No Matter What, go with your gut insticts. One must Never Argue with those feelings.

    The bottom line is…if it feels right, it is right.

    What stunning progress you are making and what a really swell array of options.

    So proud of you!



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