3 thoughts on “tea w/jw.

  1. Glorious One, I so enjoy your musings de la vie . I love getting missives from the motherland.I registered a blog awhile ago and just never started it ..I believe the privacy choice of yours was an excellent one.That was my intent with twitter. Not sure why I put my name out there. It is now just a month for me on twitter. I am still sorting out my feelings about all this.I am very happy it all is going so well for you. I was once quite the traveler and I enjoy the vicarious travels with you now.I have experienced very serious medical problems as well. That left much in abeyance. More soon and the promised Noel story. Please keep writing and I will keep reading, Bonne Nuit.

    1. dearest opheliasings

      you have no idea how timely your lovely note here was…….and we are Truly Grateful that you stopped by.

      do tell your story – of Noel, of your travels, of your trials with illness – we would love to read (and, naturally, link to you from here) your blog…..

      a sweet day ahead, we hope.

      much love from tg xx

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