brewster brilliance and epistolary elegance


It’s saturday.

we’re barely under the spell of caffeine and must Dash out (warmly swathed in cashmere) into the day for our appointment with our Therapist.

we do enjoy this weekly confession experience – as if we are a high-born noblewoman in Venice rushing through the streets, a delicious cloak framing our face but obscuring our title, en route for some soothing absolution in a dark candles-flickering Renaissance place of worship – tis so Freeing.

and boy, do we have Stuff to share today.

sadly not for your ears.

just some dispiriting nonsense.

we shall prevail.

So – (we say Brightly, changing the Mood) – not sure we’ve ever shared a teamgloria CARTOON favourite/favorite/deliciousness.

Here’s Brewster!

we get it sent to us everyday – via email – So Modern as William would say.

as you might recall, we do Relish our correspondence with a variety of splendid people and we once wrote to Brewster’s creator…..

………And he wrote back.

we Adore it when people write back.

(and get Rather Irritated when certain people don’t engage in an exchange of delicious- epistolary – elegance – just saying – but sadly that means we have Expectations – which is Deadly)

off into the streets of Venice to our Confessor now!

*no, of course we haven’t told our therapist about our Renaissance Lady image – that’s just for you, darlings ;)

do say something - do :-)

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