the importance of stress relief #arcadegames #timecrisis

there are times when one needs to just let it out.

you know.

the frustration.

fractured soul engendered by the pointless monotony of requirements of modern-day-corporate-existence

we choose time crisis.

everyone needs a release.

vaguely harmless plastic weapons used to shoot at a vivid neon-like machine seem to work.

and playing arcade games is fun.

even a Tiny Bit hypnotic and rather relaxing after the adrenaline rush of pretending to be an armed government operative dropped into a foreign country to save the world (we’re making that bit up……there’s a Very Flimsy back story to time crisis, so we needed some richer narrative).

however there are darker ways to cover the pain of living in a world that can be cold, at times, and brutal, at others.

we saw Shame last night.

we hesitate to recommend it as its visual starkness and painful piercing of reality through addiction has been seared into our brain.

but it was incredible.

we’re going to stick to arcade games.

it’s safer.

but we know the dark side.

oh yes.

but we’re not going there today.

and please stay in the light today yourself…….we like you over here.

4 thoughts on “the importance of stress relief #arcadegames #timecrisis

  1. giggle.

    actually always wanted to be barry norman-esque.

    do you remember we were on Film 89? because of the walk-on (no speaking but in tightly restrained Jean Paul Gaultier clothing?) part in Peter Greenaway’s movie?

    heady days.

    love the that you have a wii. (which looks like the logo for women’s institute now we look closely at it, non?

    _tg xx

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