sunrise to sunset and twilight over #wagthedog

the days are terribly short now…….we see sunrise to sunset….

and, occasionally, we also see 3AM, and not in the ways we used to, love ;)

– but suddenly woken up by an idea – or, rather embarrassing to admit, an email we just Have to Send – a work one – so we do – and then, sadly, sometimes another person replies*

*we have an international job, so sometimes they just happened to be awake because 3AM in manhattan is 3PM in bits of Asia –

and 1938 (we’re paraphrasing) in London according to Bette Midler. 

and last night we had a long bout of sleeplessness so watched wag the dog – have you seen it recently?

(darlings, don’t look for this lighting in the movie – we shot a still, while watching it on the mac laptop, and manipulated it ourselves into a delicious twilight….)

it gave us some perspective when we had to write something called a “performance review” (and we don’t mean an account of a delicious visit-to-the-theatre) #sigh

nope. we can’t say anything more.

just that when times-are-tough and the days-are-short, a movie with a wry storyline and some delicious dialogue Always Helps.

sweet dreams tonight.

or watch a good movie and tell us about it…..

4 thoughts on “sunrise to sunset and twilight over #wagthedog

  1. Watched “Princesse de Montpensier” on cable very late last night (while doing some techie things). Oh, the français was so gorgeous. Semi-chick flick, semi-not. Delicious.

    1. Dearest W

      So Thrilled you enjoyed it (in all its intensity)

      – and what a lovely, delicious surprise to speak with you Live on the telephone today!

      Look after yourself and get well in your own sweet time, dear.

      We Adore a Chandelier – especially a delightful one like yours avec le gilbert et george – amazing.

      _tg xx

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