a tale of three sweaters/jumpers/cashmere-ness: sky blue, lilac and soft camel.

we’re not sure why we’re writing this post today – but something struck us as rather strange and we wanted to share it with you (many clever brains may decode it for us – do send links to articles of philosophical and spiritual portent – you know we Adore mysticism, darlings.)

so here goes:

when we arrived in the USA (we started on the Other Coast, in Los Angeles) over ten years ago, we brought two pieces of (not chic) luggage (and a lot of baggage, but you’ve heard us use that line before, forgive ;-)

in the (not chic) luggage (seriously not chic – two large oversized sort of “army kit” basic cord black – abandoned the first day as we embarked upon our new life….we hasten to add), we had three sweaters/jumpers/cashmere-ness (actually, we’re not sure all three were cashmere, one was cotton and the other a silk-mix, the third was definitely cashmere, we’d never owned Anything like it before) – they were in three colors/colours/shades – lilac, sky blue and soft camel.

over the next five years something happened to all three – coffee spilled and dry cleaning companies unable to save (or we were too broke at that point to think of saving it, can’t recall, Not a good period in our life) – lost in a cinema (we can’t remember the movie – we do remember being heart-broken over the sweater) and/or who knows – they all disappeared, anyway.

we moved to NYC in 2006 with a newly acquired wardrobe from Brooks Bros in an attempt to become a “suit” (we’re not that Good at It but no one seems to either notice or they enjoy our rather odd spiritual inspired lively amused take on life that overlies a Terribly Quick brain that gets the Job Done so no complaints so far – well, we do get the occasional “not a team player” but you know us – we’ve got our own Team – and you’re On It).

we digress (quelle shock).

something has happened in the past six months – since the diagnosis and operation and you-know-what (tobias)….

the sweaters/jumpers/cashmere-ness (this time they are all cashmere – we’re in that sort of earning period…..and very grateful for it) have ALL RETURNED.


blue, blue..

soft camel.

these are not the originals, no.

but Exactly the same three colors/colours/shades.

it was only last night (when we purchased the soft camel) that we realized.

running to the teamgloria wardrobe/closet/receptacle of clothing we gasped.

there they were.

now those of you who know us in RL are aware that our entire wardrobe (today) consists of floaty black (sort of russian ballet dancer, retired, elegance is the current mode de vivre we’re going for – not sure if anyone else picks up that reference – but there’s a shade of a foreign Fonteyn, we feel ;-) in various shades of soft, silk and delicious textiles (plus some Helmut Lang which we’re Very into).

not a Lot of colour/color/shade At All (and the Brooks Bros have all been given away apart from two jackets when we Absolutely Have to look Grown-up).

so the three sweaters/jumpers/cashmere-ness are the only spots of colour/color/shade (apart from one blue shirt for summer – worn open – mandarin collar – very Diana Vreeland Chinese Workers Blue if you know that reference…)

what does it MEAN?

surely it means something.

do lilac, sky-blue and soft camel have spiritual connotations (George? do you know…?) or an aesthetic charge?

answers on a postcard please. (or, you know, in the bit below)

btw, there’s a story about the history of loving the blue, blue sweater concept – it’s re-printed here – or here’s the original post from earlier this year (Blue Peter: “one we made earlier” – British telly reference for William).

the blue-blue sweater story

when we lived in Los Angeles (for we did live in that fairy-tale place), we met a man-of-an-uncertain-age called Anthony who was sadly not in the prime of his life, physically speaking, but a TREMENDOUS source of anecdotes and joy. Anthony – for he has passed on to the great Chateau Marmont tea gardens in-the-sky – we shall use his real name – was BRITISH. very BRITISH. and had once worked as a BRITISH butler, during his middle years, in the land that sprinklers forgot (Palm Springs) to a very famous personage (nope, not telling). anyway – before he became a butler, Anthony has traveled/travelled the world as a midshipman (something sailor-y – and he most definitely was naughty with the stories in a sailor-y way) and at one point NOEL COWARD had come onboard (now you’re perking up from the cheap seats we see). the ship had docked somewhere GLORIAous like barbados or the bahamas (Anthony wasn’t very clear on this point but we saw a GREAT deal of sunshine in his anecdote) and Noel – who knew a good pair of baby-blues when he saw them – gave Anthony – ok, here’s perfect recall for you…..

so Noel Coward came up to me and smiled slyly and said “here’s a crisp fiver, boy. go into town and buy yourself a blue-blue cashmere sweater to go with those eyes. you’ll be a roaring success I predict….”

so Anthony took the fiver – and bought the blue-blue cashmere sweater (he still had blue eyes the twinkling color/colour of a cloudless sky when team gloria used to take tea with him south of wilshire boulevard and east of san vicente) and most definitely WAS a ROARING success…

and the rest is history. Anthony’s history. which sadly he didn’t write. sigh. (but his mother wrote TONS of glorious letters to the ROYAL FAMILY and got LOTS of replies which Anthony had saved in a large binder. that was a lovely evening going through those with the scent of orange blossom from the garden wafting in.

*******any insights on the return of the three colours/colors/shades Most Welcomed.

it has us Perplexed.

and Rather Excited, for some reason.

have a beautiful day, darlings.

raining in manhattan. but it Is December (so grateful that it’s not Too Cold – yet)

5 thoughts on “a tale of three sweaters/jumpers/cashmere-ness: sky blue, lilac and soft camel.

  1. love the Blue Anthony story from a by gone era. and them mere mention of Lilac sends me back to my childhood when I used to play amonst the lilac bushes in the east yard, their fragrence in spring is truly intoxicating….. camel’s nice too … oxox

  2. CHAKRAS!!

    george. you are So Clever.

    we forgot about Chakras. (how could we?!)

    makes absolute sense.

    can’t wait to see you back on the Other Coast for our spiritual trip to Ojai…..

  3. This is very good news, as I’m sure you must suspect. Black is all very fine for business, powerful and serious, but there are the obvious negative connotations. Color is healing. Blue, for instance, is an astringent, and especially healing for the throat. For Camel, I’m going to go with orange, which is warmth and energy, the color of new opportunities, and also associated with the thyroid (!). Lilac is a lovely detox, among other things. All very positive and healing colors.

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