beauty heals. comedy tickles.

thoughts for the day.

we found ourselves looking for a solution to the now-dreary-onset-of-winter outside the window here in manhattan……and beauty is one that came to mind.

here come a few photographs (come on, you Knew that was coming ;-)

don’t You find a photograph of a Parisian cafe and Gary Cooper and Jean Shrimpton, shot by Bailey (circa 1963 when the world was Very Young) soothing and Rather Uplifting?

We do. #glorious_sigh.

can you see the little heart shape on the lamp base? we suddenly noticed it and smiled last night.

so – if beauty heals….(and a glorious Italian scientist by the name of Marina thinks it does) then let’s embrace more beauty, non?

easy for you to say,

we hear you cry……

with your executive perks and view over the Hudson –

but darlings,

we protest,

we Certainly were Not born to this la vie jet set – we just dreamed it up and it happened.

…...just ask Julia Cameron, “visioning” works…

or regular old school Imagination plus a Lot of Hard Work – and not owning a television and abstaining from dating to achieve Great Productivity, but we’ll go There any other Day, darlings ;-) hmmm. #giggle.

plus lots of people (Ed: exaggeration never helps your case, dear) oops.



Some people get tumours/tumors/problems but not everyone turns them into Tobias and his sisters and makes up a story, a blog, a kindness kit, a book and all-the-other-ideas we have for 2012 (aren’t you Thrilled it’s almost 2012? it looks So Nice as a numeral, non?)

so we make our point thus: beauty heals (so seek more beauty)

relish the imagination. (and do a workshop or two if that will help)

plus comedy tickles: watch Eddie Izzard.

we met Eddie circa 1994 and he was Deeply Strange. and rather wonderful.

his bizarre and glorious strings of pure (sub)conscious make him part of our teamgloria, definitely darlings.

and if you can be tickled by comedy in beauteous surroundings – well – life is certainly delicious ;-)

just a (not so subtle) hint.

it’s getting cold out there.

find your warmth and beauty and tickling where you can, love.


4 thoughts on “beauty heals. comedy tickles.

  1. What fun! (Saw a fragment of a very very very early Gary Cooper film on TCM the other night. Amazing…)

    Ah yes. Rainy day/night, and not just in Manhattan. (Fashion mags, Mad Fashion, Met Ball (with Chris March hair and feathers?), and and and… maybe a wonderful 30s movie in the night?

    Why is it that certain things are eternally beautiful (and soothing) to some of us?

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