mists over monday in manhattan

we cannot see that far into the future today.

Mists over manhattan.

Obscuring the view.

Both metaphorical and metaphysical, darlings.


One of those days to just sit tight.

Enjoyed a delicious business breakfast already. Much was achieved.

And the Parcels chez nous (we Adore a parcel) are ready to be taken to the post office by trusty Jonathan at one stop NYC (yes, we are Very blessed to have a personal concierge).

the check/cheque/dosh is in the post to our attorney (did we mention our corporate seals arrived?! Quelle Glam!)


doesn’t everyone write to their attorney on hot pink letterpress cards? Non?



It’s a brand statement, darlings.

and we love to be fabulous.

Doesn’t life make You smile?

…………do tell.

2 thoughts on “mists over monday in manhattan

  1. dearest D

    hope you are resting gently in the cool darkness with your migraine gone already…..

    satiny paper. delicious! rouge. divine.

    much love, happy writing.

    _gloria x

  2. No pink for moi. Red.

    Wrote a note to my “little one” who isn’t so little any longer – on real satiny paper. Rouge. Actual postal mail is all the more delicious in these days of the expedient email.

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