absent friends: watching movies in french and sighing over email in other languages.

Last night we watched a christmas tale – have you seen it?

It’s a fairly dark (and wonderfully so) tale about the families we have, the lovers we choose – or don’t dare to choose – illness, love, desire and absent friends (and/or enemies, depending on one’s role in the family dynamic, as the Professionals call it).

Catherine Deneuve is in it as the matriarch. And Glorious.

One to watch (in our humble opinion) is the psycho-ravishing-strangeness of Mathieu Amalric. He destroys, confuses and breaks open the strange sadness and Fury at the core of his family. He’s wonderful.

Yes, darlings – there is a theme coming……but it’s not about our own family. We have no words to describe our own – but there may be a movie or two at some point. Right now, tis unwise and also unfair to those who have-not-blogs to comprehend why we write this.

teamgloria started out as glorious people, places and things (and, we hope, modestly, is returning to such a lofty goal)……………but it swiftly became a way to not-go-cRaZY during the tobias and his sisters: the tumor/tumour story

so this post is both: glorious people (Deneuve, Almaric) and the effects-of-tobias (and his Exit during a five hour surgery).

we celebrate the glorious – and no longer swallow our words.

so the movie’s central theme (well, one of them – it is a rambling delicious discourse, in french, on being french, which has little linear and plenty twists in narrative form – and wonderfully so, darlings) is Family and absent friends.

some of our friends are drifting away………..not from us, per se (these days we are not So Self-Obsessed) but from places we used to see them on a regular basis. Gatherings of like-minded loveliness (you know how NYC is – in a city of eight million people, you’re bound to bump into people you know constantly but one often has to make a meeting date to do so and We Do, often).

they have Other Things to do.

and we feel sadness.

groups of friends swell and shrink and change and grow and dissolve, often through the years and seasons and “life stages” as they call it in Big Business marketing documents……..but it’s still sad.

and we just wanted to raise a (perfectly delicious Conran porcelain white) cup of (milky smooth Cafe du Monde with chicory from New Orleans) coffee to absent friends.

In a christmas tale, it is the reunion that shatters all decorum and re-fits the family and lovers and satellite community into a new whole.

we wish you well.

and we now Must get ready – brunch with ABM on the upper West side of manhattan calls!

thank you for listening – it helped.

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