tap your troubles away #artistmovie

darlings, we saw the Artist movie!


it was glorious!

All tap and silent movie interstitials and back lot dreams and beauty spots and brooding glances and lots of pathos and joy and a Vast Amount of L’Amour.

we Adore L’Amour.

don’t you?

we also love a meditative stroll around a labyrinth and a walk with a friend and a Very Long afternoon being creative.



Just purchased more art supplies…..



Mozart and decoupage (with a chaser of depeche mode as night falls before heading out into the chilled night, swathed in cashmere to meet up with friends).


btw, we saw the artist with our friend nP and we were so taken by the film that we suddenly stopped on the corner of Wooster and Houston and said:

did you know we can Tap?

nothing surprises me about you ;)

So we did a moment from a tap routine from 42nd St (yes, the 1930s deliciousness) right there and then – and we laughed all the way home.

tap your troubles away darling.

Or delight to decoupage.

Whatever pleases you.

Because That is Important.

do say something - do :-)

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