perfectly delicious: george’s new novel #downthegardenpath

we Must get ready.

there’s a Deeply Interesting conference type lunch affair today.

hair must be glossy and liquid eyeliner on correctly to fully engage penetrating, smart, witty yet playful line of questioning (darlings, it’s NYC. appearances say a Lot More than one might guess).

But – swiftly – we Must share a few passages from George’s second novel.

our shoulders have been shaking with helpless laughter every time we dip into this tome – just delicious.




do peruse those pages at amazon: down the garden path by George. s. Snyder

darlings, did you notice the Most Attractive bookmark?

it’s from Persephone books

isn’t it lovely?

They produce homages to 1930s and mid-Victorian textiles and pop them in their elegant (and sometimes pre-war shockers, written by lady novelists) catalogue of titles.

They don’t publish George, as yet.

But we feel they may do a celebratory box set of his entire series, in time. With a subtle yet sensual woodcut as a bookmark.

Of course, George and teamgloria are already Vivid fans of Persephone (particularly their Quarterly).

Such a perfectly delicious life, non?

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