synchronicity and unexpected gifts.

something deeply delightful (and a tiny bit spooky) happened yesterday……..

we had two meetings (well, we had Lots of Meetings, but two particularly stood out as they were with Very Glamorous people).

no #sigh. we cannot reveal who (whom?) they were.

but to help you out (we do understand you like a Visual), here are two photographs (one is actually a photograph of an illustration – how post-modern and multi-textual and ironic We Are, darlings) which, for us, represent these two meetings.

 first meeting was with someone who had a long and distinguished career in a Very Fashionable Environment.

 the other (later in the day) was with someone who had a Very Elegant career – part of which had been Abroad on the Continent (so we thought this shot of a woman waiting for her chauffeur would do nicely as a representation, plus she had great luggage – all vintage. not a modern label In Sight).


so here’s the serendipitous bit.

as far as we know – at least not on first-name basis – these two Lady Executives had Never Met Before.

they both came to our office.

and then – that evening – they met at an event.

and realized they’d both been in Our Office.

we’re just saying.

what are we saying?

synchronicity follows us with a wink and a smile, darlings, that’s all.

you heard it here first.

as always ;-)

back to today.

we just got a Lovely Gift (and we Adore a Gift) of books (and we Adore Books).

and, this morning, just before we came to the office (btw, our hair is Very Glossy and swinging today, with a little saucy flip on the right hand side – we Are Enjoying our Hair – this was one of the first things we heard when we moved to Los Angeles. our friend AH turned to us and said “Are you enjoying that fabulous haircut today?!” and, by gosh, we Were! and had never thought about it such terms. delicious) we posted a letter.

it felt like another serendipitous moment of synchronicity.

we’ll let you know what transpires…..

gosh. isn’t it exciting (and it’s meant to be all sort of screw-y right now because Mercury is Retrograde, or something. Well, clearly we are Mercurial – in a very Benign way – but you knew that, right?)

darlings. enjoy the sunshine.

do say something - do :-)

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