8pm: after the sunset: carols in the car

it’s either a function of age (we hesitate over the word maturity, per se) or a deepening of our spirituality (possible) or maybe just the infectious celebratory nature of Americans and their love of The Holidays……but when we found ourselves singing Carols in the Car, we knew something had changed.

Plus there was a lovely sunset (and some friends in a park and a meditation sort of an occasion) this evening in santa monica.






And earlier in the day we found ourselves in the Bodhi Tree (when in Rome, darlings).




did you spot the serene feline?

So it was a very heart-opening sort-of-a-day.

And the chamberlain hotel has outdone itself in festive glamour.


It’s not hard to be all mushy and grateful and languid and loving in Los Angeles…..especially when buildings are so flattering, like this one:

If you preferred our snappy NYC attitude, it will return.

But, just for today, teamgloria sang Jingle Bells in the car.

And it was fun.


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