a delicious afternoon’s retail experience @yolksilverlake #divine

just a tiny plug for one of our favourite/favorite/beloved retail emporium-style design-rich experiences – Yolk in Silverlake (on the Other Coast).

here are a few pictures from yesterday.

these would have been Very Useful when teamgloria was small ;-)

we bought these for our drawer-of-unmentionables (bras & knickers, if you’re not coy and english and don’t know that Victorian reference, darlings).

this is a lovely idea: a celebration of all the lady-owned-businesses in Los Angeles: Crave (and yes, Yolk is in it!)

then we went with @tjenamoss (Maria Neuman, our DELICIOUS friend who owns Yolk and is the MN who owns the lovely place below where we’ve been staying and of whom we often mention when on the Other Coast, darlings) to get (more) coffee at Lamill.

as you know we Adore a Chandelier.

then we took the long way up the hill (Very Slowly) and admired the silverlake street artists who write Ever Such Nice things on the pavements/sidewalks/bits between the trees.

and the twilight (not the movie, the actual light setting of planet earth) started to draw in.

and, much later on, we headed out to supper with MN and the fabulous JG to the Brite Spot up on sunset boulevard.

8 thoughts on “a delicious afternoon’s retail experience @yolksilverlake #divine

  1. your ebullience is a delight! I’m so happy for you — and for myself the many photos are so welcome as my daughter will be visiting there soon and it’s good to see the mise en scene.

  2. Thanks to William, I have very much been enjoying your blog! Many moons ago I lived in LA, and always loved Silverlake. The pictures you’ve been posting are teriffic! Now about these James Boyd candles for Voluspa. Should I be carrying them in MY shop? Its been considered.

  3. Yolk – adorable….felt like a little girl for a moment…and, Feelings Flash cards – didn’t we experience most of those funny faces recently?

    Did you have a wonderful Turkey day?

    looked like you’re having the time of your life….xo jc

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