a picture is worth a thousand words – really? #buyingtime

it’s mostly pictures though, right?


when someone lovely said that the other night we had to think about it.

your blog – just recently – mostly pictures?


why is that?



because we are not sure Exactly what is Going On.

you know – post-you-know-what. 

so pictures are a useful (and, we think, modestly, a rather illustrative and talented way) to show (or mask?) what’s on our mind.

what Is on our mind?

free-form tag-cloud-type words coming up:

confusion, sore throat STILL, lump in throat STILL, tiredness, extreme tiredness, grumpy – but only at times not All The Bloody Time like before, confusion at life in NYC, why are we a Suit? why don’t we Wear a suit if we Are a Suit? why do we insist on wearing Doctor Martens like a badge of honour/honor/showingweareSOredifferent? what’s this whole identity weirdness about? are we having a mid-life crisis? are we old enough to have a mid-life crisis (lost count of whether forty is the new twenty or if brunette is the new blonde), deep sigh, let it all out, surgery recall coming back, the five hours under, the five hours lying on the hospital bed afterwards looking out the window before they brought our bag with books, iTouch, yoghurt, cellphone etc, why can’t we drive all over Los Angeles like we used to? why can’t we nap? why do dogs make you cry? why do dogs look so lovely and understanding when one cries? why are we crying? we’re on holiday! we got through the first of the holidays! phew. the slit on our throat getting smaller, less noticeable? why does that bother us? it doesn’t look That Bad (huh?) you barely notice it (please notice it – or we don’t have an excuse/reason for all these strange Feelings).


that about sums it up.

we got up early today. did the usual tea-bath-dog-chat-drive (see earlier post). well, usual for the past couple of days in Los Angeles and before that in Palm Springs (cat there, not a dog, in case GB is reading this with confusion….yes, we know Z is a cat. and a Most Excellent feline too). and then…….had to drive back to @tjenamoss’ place to rest.

and then we kept thinking – “why are we not really blogging?”

and the string of (self) consciousness above showed us why.

we haven’t a clue what’s really going on.

maybe nothing.

maybe just the synthroid effect.

or a usual circa-10-weeks-post-surgery recovery-ness? (we wouldn’t know – never really been sick and certainly not hospitalized before).

or a full-on identity crisis along the lines of “what are we going to do next?!” sort of a feeling.

how exciting.

(see how we instantly went to the bright side?/ – that’s what happens when you let all the weird feelings out…..they dissolve like bubbles upon contact with air and light)

a crisis.


bring it on.

btw, what does one Wear for a crisis?

would you mind if we shared a few pictures now?

we went to sunset junction for a cup of coffee and a walk along the strange and wonderful shops therein.

we bought a vintage copy of Westways (the Automobile Association magazine) from the 1960s.

we also found a copy of George Whitman’s collection of biographical sketches by young writers who passed through the hallowed shelf-stacks at Shakespeare & Company in Paris.

oddly enough, teamgloria (before we were teamgloria) went to Shakespeare & Company, in Paris, during a runaway-from-despair-and-england-in-the-rain in 1989, so this page (from George’s book) made us stop and think about someone we met during that sojourn.

her name was Claire. but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t the same Claire that wrote this piece.

maybe it was.

we don’t have many recollections of that trip – just one long hazy one of too much (cheap) red wine, a hostel on the right bank, endless walks along the seine, an entire day (we think) in the Louvre, breaking into an artist’s studio (or were we invited?) to watch students draw a nude (gender not remembered – a clue there, we’re sure…), surviving on baguette and a heel of sharp cheese and Lots of Writing (probably agonized insanity – we were Very Young or maybe little has changed ;-)

wonder what happened to Claire.

she was set for a glittering First at Cambridge as we recall.

hope she travelled/saw the world.

or maybe settled down in the Shires with a heap of comforters/quilts from Laura Ashley and a brace of small blonde moppets and maybe wrote a novel in the early hours of the morning as everyone slept peacefully upstairs.

maybe she blogs now……..maybe she’s reading this (hello!)

who knows.

but we do remember talking about Life with her – and the others in our hostel – before we ran out of money and had to take the cheap way back to University (train – ferry – in those days) with a small bag slung over our shoulders and a leather jacket with (was it Lou Reed?) something cool on the back.

Paris changes people.

so does Beijing (and the other la vie jet set travel adventures).

and Los Angeles definitely changed us.

which is why, we think, we’re having So Many Feelings about Life being back here.

the sunshine throws dark shadows into sharp relief.

when all else fails, writing helps.

especially over a good long lunch in a sultry dark and slightly gloomy but rather splendid french restaurant.

in Paris.

Or in Los Angeles – like this one:

Cafe Stella, Sunset Junction, Silverlake, Los Angeles.

tea, of course, is also the answer.

we’ll let you know when we find the Question.

in the meantime, there may be More Pictures than Words for the foreseeable future (if one can see the future at all which one can’t – unless one is Psychic of course and we’ve had our suspicions but no proof on that score as yet).

bear with us…..

4 thoughts on “a picture is worth a thousand words – really? #buyingtime

  1. Dearest,

    No need to try to answer all those incredibly important questions. Over time, they answer themselves; sometimes when you least expect, want to hear or need to hear the answer.

    You are allowed all this. My darling, you’ve Earned It.

    Now do hurry home. Do.



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