a European response to thanksgiving #muppets #Hollywood

some years we Have celebrated Thanksgiving and it was jolly nice (friends, table settings, Cole Porter on the piano).

other years we rather wished we had not (other people’s Family dramas are not television-style-at-their-best).

and so This Year we decided to visit another European (@tjenamoss) and go to the movies (MUPPETS!) and eat at a fabulous diner that had been featured in a movie (swingers) and then generally do some kind of driving-chatting-lovin’Life sort of an afternoon. Perfect.

The weird thing is we are both as Yawn-y and wiped out as if we had both done the Family style Thanksgiving! Must be in the air….

Morning from lake of silver.

Grocery shopping (brown bags like the movies, darlings)

Lovely luscious long bubble bath.





popped in @tjenamoss shop #yolk in silverlake
And then to see the Muppets! At la Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard (weirdly the very theatre were part of the movie set itself – very self reflexive part of the text;)

They have a vintage organ!



With a singalong!! With a Live Miss Piggy and Kermit themselves (seriously) onstage!





Late lunch at the last cappucino before the 101 :)

And there was a delicious house on the way back with a string of festive chandeliers!

We Adore a chandelier.

Did you have a splendid day, darlings?

4 thoughts on “a European response to thanksgiving #muppets #Hollywood

  1. How lovely, and such great photos. I was supposed to be thanksgiving with others, but ended up doing my favourite thing. – exploring the british countryside in my car. Have just woken up in the most wonderful b& b in glorious Suffolk. Run by two lovely men and their dog Spike. Oh how I am thankful xxx

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