sunny shiny super southern california

The Most Delicious Start to a shiny super sunny southern california hols!

Stayed with the splendid (and very kind) AH and have been awake since the early hours (NYC timezone quality problems ;) #giggle.

Maybe actual words and stuff tomorrow – just drove all the way to palm springs in heavy traffic and want to get to GB and Z place in time for a yummy supper.

So Happy, darlings!










6 thoughts on “sunny shiny super southern california

  1. i agree. and, i thought they were my weak, tired eyes from reading all those work emails!

    they are darling photos as only you can take with the most tender moments captured….dinner date was sent…hope it is o.k., can’t wait to hear all about your Thanksgiving and for this might i add we have much to be thankful for…our friendship ! hip, hip harrah or something like that !

    1. hello jc!

      Most Excited for our dinner occasion – can’t wait to take pictures at Indochine and hear naughty stories from the maitre d’ about calvin and glenn close and everyone-in-black-tie-but-drag

      have a delicious t-giving (can’t believe you’re doing a feast for 18, dear…)

      sending love from the Other Coast.

      tg x

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  3. Fair One,

    So happy to read you are enjoying the holiday. But, precious creature, do be careful when taking photos While Driving. Do.

    As much as I adore a blur… it’s slightly, well, you know…Alarming!

    Miss you!!!



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