good morning from mid-century modern palm springs, darlings.

we are up and drinking coffee and dipping a spoon occasionally into a small pot of greek yoghurt while everyone else is still slumbering in palm springs……..isn’t it delicious?





plus we Do like a home with a lava lamp.


and a cute light fitting.

and a pool that is lit under water for last night’s late night chats.

and a guest wing.

always So delightful to stay here.


we sleep like one newly returned from a week on a silent retreat here.

Which makes it tricky to return to the sniper fire of midtown manhattan.

Luckily we don’t have to think about that for DAYS.

Isn’t life delicious?

want to see that mountain again?

Here it is.


5 thoughts on “good morning from mid-century modern palm springs, darlings.

  1. esteemed madam! wonderful photos, and a memory. is ‘mid-century modern’ the same store which started on melrose and larchmont in l.a.? as a commuter from brooklyn, i never could buy any of their wonderful large furniture, but they were very nice to me, and once, when i walked into the place the owner looked at me and said ‘oh, i’m glad you came in. i saved something for you.’

    out came a sterling handled kirk repousse’ pattern bread knife which had come in in the drawer
    of a buffet. they could have walked across the street and sold it at any time for $125, but they asked me for a nominal $15, which i gladly paid. wonderful people. i’m glad you found them, too. m

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