JFK/T8: leaving for the Other Coast #bliss

as our friends here know, it’s been an Awfully Long Time since we pulled down the trusty silver samsonite, grabbed the black leather jacket and an ever-ready-selection-of-travel-size-products and wrapped ourselves warmly in the black pashmina (hard to find a black one but ever so much nicer and Rather Chic) and slipped into the back of a black town-car leaving manhattan in the early hours…….

if you are new to our adventures, (perhaps drawn here from instagram or the post yesterday on a delicious gift of a hat from the Basque region of spain – we Do have a most glorious set of jet set friends) here’s why we haven’t travelled/traveled/flown since late august: tobias and his sisters the Tumour/tumor story

Oh! We Do Love To Fly.

we even paid extra to get a nicer seat (this trip is for sheer pleasure so the Day Job isn’t footing the bill and popping us in the comfort of the front of a transatlantic jet……..but we were not born to riches so the back is normal and when at the front we beam with gratitude, darlings – especially on a Long-Haul flight to the People’s Republic of CHINA in our la vie jet set or paris, milan, madrid and the other points of engagement for the Day Job last year.

we must post our pictures of India (before we became teamgloria but we do have them in our archives….). Wonder how the Sophisticate is doing…….last we heard, he was watching Dawn over the Ganges. we’ll let you know more soon.

see you (in a virtual sense) on the Other Coast!

*huge sunny grin*

2 thoughts on “JFK/T8: leaving for the Other Coast #bliss

  1. Sounds like ever so much, incredibly Well Deserved fun!

    If I say so myself, with absolutely no hesitation…I am insane with envy.

    Darling friend, do enjoy every divine moment of your trip! Do!



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