hello from seat 17H.

we haven’t stopped grinning since the alarm went off at 0600 hours.

just wanted to say hello from seat 17H.

here’s our view (double seat! aisle or window? keep moving between the two, if so desired)


and you know us – not just a visual treat but an audio delight as well…..here’s our soundtrack so far:


one of our Day Job colleagues in Latin America made that one for us.


and this one is called “easy Sunday morning” which reminds us of William’s Halifax cash card day post.

brb: just going to find it.

don’t go away.

we’re back!

here it is: william’s Halifax cash card day

we have a stack of reading material too. the week before a trip we rip-to-read as many magazines as possible, download a kindle book or two.

here is our potential selection for the next few hours:


we also have a book-book (take off/landing) of course:


*just a footnote: we proofed this post and enjoyed the vast array of visual, aural and textual materials So Much and had the most Sudden and Whimsical thought:

if we weren’t already teamgloria, we would definitely want to be friends with teamgloria. Or sweep us off to Rome for a long, languid weekend. *blush*

Oh! Thank you for asking – the Scar is doing Rather Well (extreme dry air often pinches her a little so we are stocked up on evian and those little individual portions of mozzarella and dried fruit snacks to keep her mollified).

8 thoughts on “hello from seat 17H.

      1. As a good friend of mine uses to say : only mountains never meet… We just have to choose the GLORIous place where we’ll meet ;-))

        I sympathize with you on the rain machine: it has been working here for a month almost non stop ! Speak about sunny South of France!

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