ellen barkin is a goddess: a heart-breaking and beautiful performance (and rather Fierce) @anotherhappyday

yes, it’s late.

we walked all the way back from the east village in something of a reverie.

we see a Lot of Movies, as you know.

but this performance by Ellen Barkin (and the rest of the ensemble cast) was Superb.

do see it: another happy day

yes, it Is about terribly dysfunctional families (are there any other kind? not counting those normal looking people one sees sometimes, in familial groups, buying innocent things like bath towels in Pottery Barn – always in a deep jewel color/colour/shade – do you notice that? and you know that means they have a contrasting tile).

and yes, there is a Lot of Pain.

but the Pain is explored ever so beautifully.

and you (ok, sorry, we’ll speak for ourselves) – we really wanted them to come to some kind of understanding (in the screenwriting books they call it a “character arc”) but you know what we mean – you watch them go on a journey and learn and laugh and weep and get Very Medea at one point.

then – just when we felt as if we couldn’t see the worst happen – the complete fracture of souls – the destruction of psyches turning in on themselves in a terrible implosion – there it was – a Moment.

we realized we had been holding our breath and at that Moment we exhaled.

*the Scar is Very Excited at going to the Other Coast and so we wanted to do a proper saturday in NYC: late night, friends, connection, movie, telling the cab driver to take a shortcut but ever so nicely using the accent, a little half bag of popcorn, a Movie, a feeling, intensity, the realization that we are going to make movies some day (that was a Lovely moment of our own actually) and then a walk back, coat zipped up tightly and a brisk pace (remember when we couldn’t walk round the block without a supportive arm on a friend?) – all in all – a Delicious evening.

Lots to think about.

Do see the film. And do tell us what You thought.

another happy day

6 thoughts on “ellen barkin is a goddess: a heart-breaking and beautiful performance (and rather Fierce) @anotherhappyday

  1. We saw the movie Friday night at Village East. It was an incredible film. Kind of hard to watch at times, but you could say that about any real family. Cudos to Sam Levinson for not watering it down for the masses. Ellen Barkin speaks with her eyes as much as with her voice. She pulls you in to share her pain like it or not. And thanks to Jeffrey DeMunn for the much-needed comic relief sprinkled into the film. I’m still cracking up to myself over some of the things he said. Go see it!

  2. Good morming New York.

    This is London calling and here are the results of the British Jury.

    Thank you for the tip. Thank you for the music and thank God for Gloria. And yes I do remember and it is a joy to hear of your spirit and strength improving.

    I had a meat eating vegetarian try and talk about why it was actually ‘nurture’. Now I do usually try and be polite in the dinner party situation but on this occasion I used ‘you are wrong, please stop talking to me now. I did give her a lift across london at 2 am though so at least I don’t hold a grudge? ( little does she know)

    Enjoy your spiritual home my darling. Bring us West tales and news of the future. And if you see Ryan Gosling do speak fondly of me.

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