we Adore performing.

we just got off-stage.

oh, darlings, we Adore performing.

it wasn’t the Old Vic.

no, not Carnegie Hall.

It was for the Day Job.

So –

more of a conference. but the audience was from Many International Locales.

so it was fun. Delightful, truly.

here are a few shots from the day……





The elegant jC has a lovely line of bags and shoes!


We had shiny shoes on too.


Some of our fellow guests had Bold shoes and sock choices.


(one of our guests from china had a lovely barbed wire tattoo in homage to Leonard Cohen)


But we are So Tired!

Too much dosing on caffeine and oh god, even a bloody scone (there’s only so much fruit one can eat!)

Big News: a msg from our Attorney.


Yes, darlings. We are Now A Corporation.


*for 2012 plans: publishing books/ebooks, building kindness kits – and (when we can go public post-green-card) speaking at events about being a digital Muse (one of the things we do/have done and Love to Do).

So terribly exciting.


it was definitely a delicious moment.

10 thoughts on “we Adore performing.

    1. Darling B!

      Unlilkely we’ll ever do that……we’ve seen from experience what having a Board of Investor types, shareholder pressure and the devastating effect on product when The Street wants results now.


      We’ll keep it until we feel like spinning bits off for private sale. Maybe to Martin Sorrell.


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