the penthouse in brooklyn.

the thing about illness is the way it separates us (the unwell or the recovering from being cut open and into experience) from everyone else.

even when one has to attend an event with an incredible view like this (sadly smudged and running from the pouring rain)





because our level of exhaustion is so bad and our mood swings so fluctuating that we are incapable of having surface conversations (shoes, hair, view) and hunger for real connections (a kind friend went to a memorial, another is dealing with Big Life Decisions) and thankfully we Found Them.

In front of the view – the breathtaking masters of the universe investment banker (or whatever has replaced that job in the same analogy – the new investment banker of today, probably) view we suddenly turned around – at this point here, in front of this awe inspiring sight…..

20111116-211637.jpg………and suddenly realized we could see three people who all know about This (teamgloria) and why we were claiming a corner of the extensive wraparound sofas (swathed in a celestial blue pashmina this time, not the black one or the dove grey one for that matter – yes, executive wardrobe attempts, darlings.)

we caught the glass elevator with two of them who – until this evening – had never met before.

and, once we were convinced no one could overhear, or ask questions, we said, softly……

you are both Friends of teamgloria

It was a delicious all/round/smiley moment ;)

Then we had to be grown up again and exited the elevator/lift/crystal clear conveyance and immediately saw a colleague from Abroad and bowed low and spoke a few words in Korean.

because we can ;)


and we felt energized by knowing people – just a few – understood why we had to slip away quietly.

it’s been years since someone was gallant to walk us to the subway after a work event (often our lovely friends at the weekend do, and we are Ever so Grateful).

and we had a Real conversation.

because once you’ve seen into the darkness and know it’s there, life is Just too Precious to waste with anything less.

sleep well, darlings.

3 thoughts on “the penthouse in brooklyn.

  1. because once you’ve seen into the darkness and know it’s there, life is Just too Precious to waste with anything less………… oh YES. Please call for a quiet stroll and conversation when next you feel the need.

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