the delicious 1904 writes a second novel

darling 1904 – aka George Snyder – has written a second novel in what we hope will be as prolific a series as a certain Anthony Powell.

yes, george’s novel has dancing in it, and a wicked observation of his Time, as well as luscious plotlines and runaway rich girls and tortured heart-throbs and a rather delicious harum-scarum romp through the most divine locales (and we don’t just mean santa monica boulevard either, although west hollywood Does Feature as something of a scene-setter, at least at the start of book 2 – where book 1 left us hanging and panting (elegantly, of course) breathlessly for What Happens Next.

Down the Garden Path by George S Snyder

do tell George 1904 when you’ve read it – and tell him your most delicious anecdote about reading it out loud to your most easily shocked friends (we Did enjoy doing that with book 1).

teamgloria was Lucky enough to be present at the photoshoot near the Hollywood Hills back in august – we took some lovely shots of the cover boy as he was being sprayed with some shimmer on his muscles – do enjoy them here!

we Do Hope the character of Celia returns for book 2.

Celia, if you recall, is a most elegant Brit, with a big Day Job in, you guessed it Manhattan.

“She’d shown me that it was possible to dream big and live large. She’d moved to New York and now traveled everywhere in a glamorous job in the world of high finance.”

such a seductive little cameo.

we Can’t Imagine where George got the inspiration for That Character, darlings.

3 thoughts on “the delicious 1904 writes a second novel

  1. You are very kind.
    Writing can be such a lonely venture; sometimes I forget that my friends will be there to read it afterward. Thank you for reminding me,
    Loving you very much,

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