skyscrapers, killer heels and sequined boots.

a few glam shots from today before we head home to get changed and into an approx attempt at a somewhat evening outfit – sigh. Tis the Party Season. And this one is a three-line-whip (does that translate outside Britishness?)




more later, darlings.

apparently the hip joint has Quite a View.

4 thoughts on “skyscrapers, killer heels and sequined boots.

  1. No translation in French either I’m afraid. The view was really impressiv!
    See, even in such social obligation, you have found Friends and could have discussed about the real things of Life. One never knows…

  2. I was very excited about “three line whip” and the black heels and sequins, until I found out David Cameron’s used a three line whip and then I realized it must be something else. Plus I can’t imagine the Prime Minister in heels or sequins. Being whipped, though, possibly. No, it doesn’t quite translate. But you live a glamorous life.

    1. Tis true, 1904, the Brits are Rather given to the drag at times – Tarts + Vicars (see Bridget Jones) or Pantomime (see Danny La Rue) or bawdy songs down sarf’ (see Lily Savage) but yes – three line whip is britisih govt speak for “you-must-do-this” and is enforced by officers who are called Whips.

      We blame the boarding school system.

      And we should know ;)

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