sunny textiles – and being silly.

sometimes you just have to take a picture of the person you are lunching with – or at least their Gorgeous sunshine yellow textiles deliciousness covering their note book.

oh for a chaise.

wouldn’t this be divine on a chaise?

we think so.

talking of chaise (s).

it would be lovely to have one in our office.

but we don’t.

but we Do Have a Yoda.

and an asterix.

and a C3P0

and cartoons.

still not a chaise.

but they help.

if you know what we mean ;-)

one day we’ll have a chaise.

in raspberry satin silk and pale heavy cream gorgeous little throw cushions.

can’t you just imagine?

what would you have?

and what do you have in Your Office?

do you have a Yoda? You do? do tell……

2 thoughts on “sunny textiles – and being silly.

  1. soon, there will be little room for a chaise and understand barely enough room for all my fab books, change of shoes, lipsticks, hats, photos, blankets….so, let’s enjoy while we can….wonder if we will have a closet to barely close when we powder our nose ! j

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