a (super secret) luncheon at the 21 Club, darlings.

Delicious, divine and utterly Delightful.

A luncheon at the 21 Club: zero details to share. But a few glam shots from inside the glorious place – which still has the smoky forbidden decadent air of 1930s La vie jet set.



We could definitely imagine Eugenia Sheppard dining there during her day.



*from our Find at housing works bookshop yesterday – a 1964 edition of New York New York from the glorious bygone days when Eugenia was the fashion Writer at the New York Herald Tribune (yes, darlings, we can’t read that without hearing Jean Seberg either).



can you imagine explaining the forthcoming 70s to a NYC barely coping from the British invasion (no, not that one, Beatlemania and Mary Quant) and then here comes DISCO and Liza in spandex.

These plaintive cries have pleaded from lampposts all over downtown.

Can you hear Nina Simone sing too?

We can.

do say something - do :-)

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