getting through the (synthroid) saturday: naps, music and diary of a provincial lady.

the synthroid sadness descended by noon.

we did our best.

and then basically took to our bed.




Have you read Diary of a Provincial Lady? It’s Very Witty.

these excerpts are from the second in the series (In London)





terribly amusing, non?

it helped our mood.

and this was the soundtrack that lifted our spirits further.


not everyday can be all sweetness and light, we know.

but when the darkness threatens, we have photographs like this (from the windows at Penn and Fletcher from yesterday’s post) to give us a pink cloud or two :)


pink clouds/black moods – it all passes.

in the meantime, listen to music, read and make tea.

and then we wrapped up warm and headed out to have matzo ball soup with a good friend……..

sleep tight, darlings.

10 thoughts on “getting through the (synthroid) saturday: naps, music and diary of a provincial lady.

  1. Dear Friend,

    I marvel at your ability at any given moment to turn yourself around and Press On. In all seriousness; it’s quite inspiring and very courageous. Who else can take to their bed when feeling down, yet manage to take a beautfiful photgraph of sheets in such elegant disarray?

    It may seem like an eternity fraught with endless irritations, but you are healing much faster than you think…on all fronts.



  2. you make me want to read all of Delafield, and there’s a lot of her. A very great deal of her. Wish I could make you feel better. Loving you from the too far away west.

  3. You’re very brave my love. So sorry the bastard stuff is mucking about with you. Very poor. But those skies are wonderful. And YOU, you are amazing and I love you. Xxxxx

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