a glimpse of early 80s NYC.

darlings – will post more later but here’s a tiny musing from our walk this morning……sent us into a reverie.


we also spotted this lady’s bicycle with the most beautiful burnished saddle and ivory bone colored/coloured/shade handles.


more reverie engendered upon sighting this nippy Fiat – can’t you just picture a heavy linen headscarf and 1960s tinted glasses and the road to Monaco?



and this ironwork was clearly the mark of a most majestic entrance of years gone by. we had to squeeze behind scaffolding to take the picture, but we swear we heard jazz from the top loft as a painter surveyed his canvas after an exhausting all night session and the male model pulled the velvet drapes open and petulantly ordered coffee from the deli down the street.


It Can be exhausting when we see stories behind every sideways glimpse of architecture or street art……but we’ve always been this way.

It is delicious.

4 thoughts on “a glimpse of early 80s NYC.

  1. love your breath of life into the various flats etc, you encounter …. i had a fiat much like the one in the photo, it ran beautifully …. in the summer….

  2. Strolling with gloria is an adventure. ‘Walks” complete with graphics are explored through gloria’s eyes which are as about educated as one can be…i will follow gloria all day and, planning to so with hopefully new camera or bb on hand this holiday season. although, we have been celebrating ‘holidays’ since the beginning of September. j

    1. jeannette

      dearest one! am So Proud of you posting here – and with such a delicious comment too :)

      You would be proud of Us (we’re at the beauty shop getting a pedicure in delicious deep rose-pink ready for the Other Coast)

      _tg xxxx

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