exquisite embroidery: a trip to Penn & Fletcher, Inc. #divine

We happened to have an excuse to drop by Penn & Fletcher, as our business life allowed a small trip out of manhattan (we didn’t go far – long island city – but manhattan is a state of mind so the change was Most Refreshing, darlings and Much Needed).

It was the lively and lovely ABM (whom you will know from his delicious comments as well as a prior evening’s engagement or two during our medical leave) who invited us for tea and gave us a tour with the similarly Most Elegant EAS.

Just Look at these pictures!

The fine embroidery work – on the most ravishing of silks, satins and glorious fabrics using patterns, some that date back to 1878, on a vast range of both vintage machines (we swooned at the collection of Singers and others from Paris) and up to the minute computer powered design-rich huge networked devices (we had a sneaky geeking out moment with their gifted illustrator/operator chap).

Just marvel.












such a dreamy day.

we were floating as we left after spending a delightful time among the satins and silks and elegant embroidery designs and inspirations which have graced the stage and screen from Broadway to Hollywood as well as vintage picture palaces in the deepest South where restored velvets will envelop those beautiful people watching a Louise Brooks matinee on a twinkly night in midsummer.

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