glam. inspirational. international. and all with fabulous hair.

today (so far) has been delicious.

If we were to illustrate it (and could draw, which is Not one of our Talents), we say today’s feeling is fierce and glorious, like this picture.


*illustration: on a hoarding protecting a retail establishment on Fifth circa 44th. (just in case you’re curious – and we never want to use someone else’s work without attribution but there was no signature thereon :( sadly. But it Is Fierce, isn’t it?

It started with a breakfast to Discuss International Matters (for the Day Job, naturally) on the upper east side – the Regency, no less, love.


rather amusingly our hairdryer decided to die (arghhh) and attempting to dry-with-flatiron was a Very Bad idea (the sound of singeing). So we towel dried and tied back like a ballet dancer and rushed to catch a cab.

Upon arriving at the Regency we did something achingly Elizabeth Taylor-inspired.

“could you call the salon please?”

“why yes Madam

And so the Concierge booked us a wash-and-blow-dry post-business breakfast so we looked presentable for the rest of our jam-packed lady-of-business day.

so Glam

There’s nothing like a really good meditation during a soothing blow-dry-in-a-private-room at the salon. So discreet and delicious.


Very Hollywood.

We can’t tell you anymore details about our day but there was a Very Inspiring Lunch. And some Jolly Interesting Talk of future plans.

and that’s all we can say

But there was a chandelier.


And a goddess or Two.


And people who know how to dream in metaphor and slip into a sonnet or two.


And there was tea.


And if you’ve been here before you know that we Adore goddesses, chandeliers, writers-and-editors who love words and most especially Tea.

Today had All of these.

Bliss, darlings.

Isn’t life exquisite?

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