random acts of (rosy) kindness

felt a little bit blue this morning. so decided to brighten up our day by being very #teamgloriastyle out there – you know – In The World (and at the Day Job).

so we wrapped up a few parcels – and popped them in a bag with two dozen white roses and left for work (sigh – a Tiny Bit Late again).

once we got to the office we asked the nice people on reception for a pair of scissors (kerfuffle as they had to find the First Aid Kit – apparently scissors are Contraband on the main lobby – #gasp) and then we cut a single rose for our favorite/nicest/loveliest security guard R.

R said he would put it in water and secretly hide it behind the big lobby guard area. we smiled at the thought.

then we went to a little shop/store/receptacleofproducts inside the main building and gave one to L. she was shy and made us promise to not put her in the picture at all. we promised. because keeping promises is Very Important when being kind.

then we headed upstairs to the place we are meant to be in a lot more hours than we are able to put in due to the synthroid/post-surgery effect (and we’re kinda worried to be honest at how this is “going down”) and handed out roses, leaving just enough to put in a vase on our windowsill like this:

by the time jw/1 came for a Very Important meeting (sigh – lots of spreadsheets that he helped us decode as that is Not our strongest talent) we had run-out-of-roses so we gave him a splendid sticker that William sent us. doesn’t he look delicious?

did you know there’s a Whole Movement of kindness-moments?

here’s kindnessgirl 


and guerilla goodness

there’s also a woman in brooklyn who leaves adorable stickers everywhere with cute and happy/kind messages but we can’t find her site – do you know it? please post in the comments and we’ll Update This Link.

just so you know – we have no idea why – but the sore-throat-and-grumpy-feeling due to you-know-what passed just for a bit today. and that helps.

so did the Nicest Lunch with someone kind (and very witty – which we always enjoy while breaking bread – or at least a healthy dose of brown rice, fish and vegetables followed by strawberries and a little-cheese-because-we’re-european).


4 thoughts on “random acts of (rosy) kindness

    1. We can eat cheese in cornwall – but we can only have it in controlled substance level amounts otherwise/otherwize it talks to us when we are trying to go to sleep from inside the (hopefully old-fashioned cold receptacle) fridge


      We know.

      But. It. Just. Does.

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