the view from the top, mordant wit and Think Pink: just another team gloria monday, darlings

one of the Definite perks of the Day Job is our access to delicious views before/after (and, ahem, sometimes during if our attention wanders….) very important Meetings.

like this one, this morning.

yes, that’s the crystal ball that falls on Times Square at the stroke of midnight for New Year’s Eve (no, we won’t be here then. we’ll be watching the sunrise over Ojai, California, with 1904, darlings).

another thing we notice about being in NYC, is the dark and deepest humour/humor/mordant wit. this was seen in the subway (yes, sigh, public transport, No Driver in these economic times, nor yet many of the little yellow cars neither)

ostensibly it was an advertisement for something. but it felt like the herald of times to come on a monday in manhattan.

and just so you don’t think we’re becoming Jaded (mais non! the synthroid effect has lessened today, so far), we took a beautiful shot of sunlight kisses on stone walking down sullivan street.

but the prize for the best email subject line of the day must go to the Sophisticate who is currently Abroad.

good morning from the Ganges.

oh wow. we stopped in our tracks.

and then thought about DV/


pink is the navy blue of india.

as the Divine DV said.

and now, in a beautiful moment of globalisation/globalization/cultural_exchange – even Indian newspapers quote her, darlings. 

the world is shrinking. in such a lovely way.

3 thoughts on “the view from the top, mordant wit and Think Pink: just another team gloria monday, darlings

  1. Good morning from the Ganges! Well that one would most certainly catch my attention.

    I’ve never been to Ojai. I have, however, rung in le nouvel an from a cozy locale in la Haute Normandie, and I must say, it was a delicious way to welcome a new beginning. What I hold most dear from that experience is just how many new beginnings there may be.

    Mondays, whenever they come. Mornings, of sun-kissed stone.

    So glad it was a better day.

  2. Which will be more fabulous on 01.01? The sunrise or your team with George?

    But my dear, if you dream about ship and liner on the seas, you should deserve CGT and not Cunard! Think about l’Ile-de-France or Le Normandie.

    1. Aha! We Knew that our friends in France would have Most excellent suggestions……….all they had were Cunard but we shall keep a (blue with a fleck of brown in left one) eye out……

      Amities, cher Jérôme

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