a remarkably social sunday.

firstly, darlings, a Find in Chelsea, in an arts and antiques emporium (we used our Very special modulated Mitford sister voice and twinkly blue eyes to great effect with gentlemen of a certain life experience in such a part of town).




Isn’t it Just Glorious?!

Let’s go.

Imagine. A round the world trip, leaving NYC on January (brrrr, in a post-hols stupor no doubt, 16th (precisely) 1928.

Yes. 1928.

We said it was a Find.

The trip’s highlights included India – China – Italy – France – Los Angeles

We Do hate to be déclassé but if you’ve read la vie jet set section – top navigation menu here on team gloria – then you’ll know we’ve been to all these places in the past 18 months for the Day Job – but not on one super duper trip. Come to think of it, it would have been So Much nicer to have slipped into one’s state cabin and drift between Continents than doing long haul flights every time and returning with trusty samsonite to the bloody airport for each leg of one’s journey.

We digress.

It sounds like a marvelous/marvellous/delicious Adventure. And we do Adore an adventure.

Back to Sunday – a few pictures.


There was lots of walking. Mainly because we like to stroll around. But also because we are desperately trying to wake up our sluggish pituitary gland which is feeling lost without the thyroid and so we are left feeling like a spent human being morning noon and night :(

Due to the physical challenges we are also rather “sleepless in manhattan” right now but Very Productive. (writing and decoupage)



We gave one we made earlier (well done England for getting the blue peter ref!) to mP whom we met for brunch. And we completely forgot to take a pix to denote brunch so here’s our current morning coffee choice.

And while we are completely Off the Point, here’s a little moment or two from last night’s movie watching while decoupaging.


Yes! Thank you from the upper west side it IS a Noel Coward play turned film (with Gary Cooper) Design for Living.

Favorite/favourite/choicest line.

well it was a gentlemen’s agreement. But thankfully I’m not a gentleman.

Reminds us of another Noel line.

the trouble with girls who would be boys is they so rarely act like gentlemen


No comment.

Back to our day (ed: swiftly, love)

Lady of letters invited us round for a spot of tea. And there was the Most Adorable sprite on hand to “be mother” and add the milk.


A spot on the terrace.

Then a swift stroll back downtown; admiring the low autumnal light on tall buildings.


All in all, a delicious day.

And we also just exchanged numbers with a charming person who just moved here from the Other Coast (oh dear, winter is going to be A Shock for them.)

New friends. Delightful.

Wonder if they are the Sort of person who dreams of a state room onboard a luxurious floating palace.


Luckily we know You Do.

Or you wouldn’t be here, darlings.

Because we’ve told a few people about team gloria but we know that they don’t always get us.

But you do.

And we wanted you to know that we are Terribly Grateful.

Have a pleasant slumber.

Can you hear the piano in the Forward Lounge and the waves lapping the aft?


7 thoughts on “a remarkably social sunday.

  1. I love the use of the accent. When I come to America I will be using my best English accent from dawn until dusk – in fact I might make a career of it.

    Gorgeous photos, gorgeous Sunday, gorgeous you.

    Sublime and delicioius.

    W xx

  2. Fair One,

    Being able to “Get It” is all the fun! Am taking special care to imagine, in exquisitely painstaking detail, the monogrammed steamer trunks, shoe cases, hat boxes et al.

    Oh…and I’ll imagine all that for you too, darling!

    What inspired madness. I’m in…let’s go. A trip like that with you, Gloria and the whole team…now that’s Travel!



    1. dearest ABM

      Travel broadens the mind……………and enhances the soul.

      And one gets Ever such a nice light tan too.

      Plus freckles, in our case.

      See you at the Captain’s table, darling.

      _tg x

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