quelle deliciousness! a matinee at canal park playhouse #perfectcatch

a completely unexpected delight!

Cheltenham Lady was concerned. And kind. And somehow just Knew that what we needed to lift us from post-surgery/impending winter blues was a spot of JUGGLING!

Yes, juggling.

Circus performers and bubbles and lipstick red satin umbrellas and glowing orbs and flirting and a charleston dress (love a spot of Fringing and a twirl of a tassel, darlings) and a glove puppet with a wry sense of irony and mischief.


If you find yourself in new york before the end of November Do Go!

Perfect Catch. canal park playhouse


Jen Slaw and Michael Karas: creators and performers of Perfect Catch. And Terribly Gifted.

We Adore a black box theatre.

Especially one that has the original seating salvaged from the legendary Sullivan Street Playhouse. Which gives a big clue as to why This splendid place exists to celebrate vaudeville, one or two character plays and, like Perfect Catch – Circus performers.

We Love a control room (and, while at University, in the bygone days, in England, we often “worked the board”)

There is even a Magic Inn upstairs!!

Can you imagine the tranquil night’s sleep one would have here; nestled in the eaves of a perfectly deliciously restored house from 1826, just a block and a half from the Hudson? Lovely.

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