sleepless in manhattan: european movies, a new moleskine and Veronique Vienne’s “The Art of Being a Woman” (never too late to learn, darlings)


the Best thing about sleeplessness (see – we Always attempt to look on the bright side, as You Know) is the joy of watching and reading and writing and listening to such glorious cultural artifacts as these:

here are the movies we watched:

our review: naughtiness north of hollywood boulevard, music industry ravages, late night wonderings/wanderings and awakenings at the chateau marmont (such a Delicious Courtyard – we spent one of our mid-thirties birthdays having tea on the Terrace and Visit Often)

our review: spaghetti and grace. finding family. love in the kitchen. the importance of a really great set of iron-bottom pans. the more deeply felt importance of knowing exactly what’s in a sauce, while blindfold. kissing. lots of kissing. and even more seductive discussion of the culinary arts.

team gloria take: paris, strikes, lost in a car, lost in a city, lost in the environs, no longer lost, the nearest to a silent movie made in the past fifty years, lingering longing. Paris. what more can we say?

we also decorated and decoupaged the cover of a (fresh) moleskine – #123 in case you’re curious.

and made a large pot of tea and brought it back into the boudoir (So Nice not to call it the “sick room” or convalescent room although, we guess, we are still, you know, convalescing – in between doing the Day Job and being creative) and read Veronique Vienne’s delicious book on the “The Art of Being a Woman”.

here is a our favorite/favourite/choicest page and Quote:

#veroniquevienne p.126/

step into a draped silk jersey dress as sensual as a shiver.

oh, darlings.

isn’t that divine?

it reminded us of Private Lives. the BBC production, contained in this box set which the delicious ABM gave us a few weeks ago. starring Penelope Keith (who is Up There with Judi Dench in our humble opinion as one of those indomitable english women of Note)

don’t you agree that Private Lives is his best?

some the most divine lines (and satin bias cut gowns to boot):

don’t quibble, Sybil.

Jagged with sophistication.

foreign travel is the thing.

talking of Foreign Travel (although much here is foreign to us, and not to our American friends), we just had a Very Important work meeting where the possibility of heading to the Other Coast – but further up – was raised.

oh we do hope so.

it’s been Ages since we embraced la vie jet set.

of course we Are off to the Other Coast for the festival of thanksgiving and then again to see the sunrise over the pale lilac mountains in Ojai for new year’s.

but, you know, just a tiny bit of travel would be Ever so Nice. we’ve been in Manhattan for MONTHS. due to you know what.

3 thoughts on “sleepless in manhattan: european movies, a new moleskine and Veronique Vienne’s “The Art of Being a Woman” (never too late to learn, darlings)

  1. … as sensual as a shiver…

    That is indeed divine.

    And that itch to travel? Paris? I shudder to express how long it’s been, and how a few days of strolling that particular city seems to heal everything…

    1. Veronique is marvelous/marvellous indeed.

      We sent her a little piece of digital fan mail in appreciation (and she responded! We Adore that)

      Yes, paris or milan or london but mostly turning our faces to the sun in los angeles heals our soul

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