Down the rabbit hole. @theinkpad

we took a tiny detour up seventh avenue, trying to stay one step ahead of the depressive thoughts engendered by synthroid, and yet fell DELICIOUSLY down the rabbit hole anyway.

at The Ink Pad.


Do visit. The Ink Pad is definitely a magical team gloria sort of place.

the ink pad

the other helpful thing that helps us continue to climb toward fullness of wellness post-surgery is this:


what could be nicer than the rich evocative scent of summer?

2 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole. @theinkpad

  1. LOVE! I received my beautiful handmade gift from you yesterday! But my Blackberry hath died and all my technical difficulties keep interrupting my not-so-placid life (I now own an iPhone but am not yet happy about it). But looking at your gorgeous inspiration helps, just a moment of calm, a memory of a dream, a reminder that I have, in fact, lived some of the things I felt meant to live, even if the stories didn’t end quite exactly the way I’d imagined. ; ) Sending you gentle hugs and looking forward to our next tea. xx

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