some days are better than others: today was Not that day

it has (sadly just) occurred to us, darlings, that this is the bit that sucks.

we were So Nervous about surgery (and cancer) and getting through it without nasty narcotic chemicals that we quite Forgot that the Worst bit might be Afterwards.

so much for back-to-original premise of blog (glorious people etc)

today we sobbed at regular intervals (thank god for general chic European appearance with trench coat and Huge dark Glasses) on park benches, on the sofa, in a lunchtime gathering place that we rarely get to but we had to call in Sick as our allergic reaction to Synthroid/Life/bloody mozzers lead to Most Unattractive Swelling of left hand up into arm (and beyond but luckily rest of body not on display due to inclement temperature).

bitchin’ ends here

the saving graces of today are as follows: labyrinth, Moonlighting, Veronique Vienne (book below) and tea.

Lots of Tea.







Don’t you just Adore the way VV talks about driving up to the Plaza in a 1953 Ford truck, swathed in satin and pearls? Divine.

The other saving grace of today was enjoying our new scented drawer liners from Crabtree & Evelyn. Summer Hill, in case you’re curious. Peach blossom, magnolia and vanilla.


Tomorrow is another day. Let’s hope the walking we did today is keeping us one step ahead of the worst mood-crashing effects of post-surgery recovery.

Feelings? Bah.

8 thoughts on “some days are better than others: today was Not that day

  1. Darling, how rubbish, I am so sorry, but you are right of course, this is a journey, which still has some way to go. There will be hills and there will be obstacles but there will also be lovely forests and coves. Please don’t forget how far you have come and how well you are going, for this is not to under estimated. You still have your team holding your hand from around the globe, and we are thrilled and amazed at how far you have come.

    Tea and movies are a very good idea and an excellent choice of medicine. I self prescribed Orange Pekoe and The Talented Mr Ripley last night!


    1. Darling

      Orange Pekoe and Ripley. How Delicious!

      We couldn’t sleep – so we did Private Lives, Evian water and the naughty bits from Laurel Canyon *blush*

      _tg xx

  2. You are an absolute marvel.

    Dear Friend, what courage , intelligence and endless amounts of style you possess.

    How one can be able to confess their worries and fears and upsets so honestly, then turn around and deliver an array of stylish photos and a chic snippet of text is completely beyond me (as is the writing of this interminable sentence).

    Just know that all of this passes. Do keep looking to the Saving Graces. There are so many.



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