sunday stroll to east village: autumn leaves, brunch and a new author for company

Firstly to all our non-NYC friends (including the Sophisticate currently Abroad – Vienna, Budapest or beyond?) it Snowed in Manhattan all day and through the night.


but we woke up – deliciously late – and ’twas autumn again.

After a leisurely morning reading all (the interesting bits) of The Times, we set out towards the east village, stopping at Third Rail to dissolve all the vitamins and synthroid and more from hours before.

across Washington Square Park to 2nd avenue and into the depths of Tompkins Square (shades of Rent) where we “brunched”.




Mini trick-and-treaters stormed the streets (sadly rather too close to the tricks of Tompkins Sq heading back to wherever they roam) and even shops got into the Halloween mood.


And all the while we read a new author (to us).

And may we say Steve Friedman made an excellent companion – in a devilish naughty, boyish wit and tattered ego, deep of history and fragile of heart and quite dastardly to women yet himself played massively by the doe-eyed starlets along the way. Finding one’s path in the midtown sniper fire of manhattan is rarely an easy task. But it makes for a Rather Good Read.


lost in treasure island

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