Ingredients for a rainy day

darlings, we have escaped from the hideous rain (both real and chemically- induced by Scary Synthroid).



therapy was good today. In a questioning our-whole-life-and-sexual-identity sort of a way.

Big Stuff.

Most definitely for Another Time, darlings ;)

No action required at this time (this is what we write on fwd/emails to our Most Helpful deputy or our Executive Assistant at the Day Job – v grown up)

On the subject of the Day Job (ED: careful, love) we are struggling to keep it together on the ever fluctuating moods cycle induced by the hideous Synthroid. We wake up feeling So Old (and cranky) and the hair loss side effect is no picnic. Luckily we have a lustrous mane. But post-blow-dry the bathroom is a sorry sight. The solution will not appear for months apparently (quelle joy) as they switch the dosage and the new Bumper Pack of Vitamin D kicks in (we also asked if we could re-introduce the adrenal combo as rec by a friendly healer – no, they’re not always nice, some are Cross) of triple ginseng, B6, tyrosine, pantothenic acid and Vit C (putting in this level of detail as we appear to have attracted quite a crowd recently so assume people are finding our journey useful).

Or perhaps it is just our delicious eye?

If it IS…….enjoy these, darlings.

We went to Brooklyn yesterday for a Very Important Work Meeting and took these shots en route to the Assignation.


Still in soho at this point – Ruben Toledo (Love! As Isaac Mizrahi would say) painted the lift/elevator at Treasure + Bond.





And this seductive little shop was spotted this morning on Prince near Wooster.


do say something - do :-)

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