press the scar. (seriously??) *tears*


press down on the scar

fuck. Seriously?


or it won’t heal flat

Don’t care how it looks. But have no intention of causing Pain.

like this.

Ow Ow OW!

er, that hurt.

you have to.

Oh god.

So we tried this morning and the look in our eyes broke our heart.


If it disappears, how will we remember to use the experience for good?

10 thoughts on “press the scar. (seriously??) *tears*

  1. This reminds me of being about 20, with yet another broken heart and composing a would-be haiku: wounds heal
    scar tissue is tough
    and not being able to decide between the conjunctions ‘and’ or ‘but’.
    We are built to forget pain but are indelibly altered by it nonetheless.
    What you’re doing with this process ensures that the alteration will be for the best.

  2. I have a big scar on my hand – no plastic surgeons on the NHS in 1984. I had an argument with a brolley. Anyway I always tell people I got it brawling in a sailor bar.

    Please don’t do that look again – no hearts to be broken – you see, like everything else about you – it will be beautiful.


    1. we knew you would understand.

      thank you for reaching across the interweb (and a few bridges over rivers) and metaphorically pouring us some more tea and listening to us try to find a way through this……..

  3. Are you worried about scaring?

    Dan just had a surgery to remove skin cancer. Really not good for a 27 year old. But they think they got it all. He has a 6 inch scar on his leg and then a 1 inch scar on his stomach. He and I have both had surgery for skin cancer in the last 6 months, which in itself it rather freaky, and we are both worried about scars.

    We found a great product that I have mentioned in previous posts. Let me know if you want the name again. It really helps!

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