visions of the last week of June: bucket, spade, novels, tea-shops and William in CORNWALL!

oh, darlings, we are So Terribly Excited.

our Good Friend William (who writes this very witty and occasionally rather naughty blog here) and I are planning a holiday/vacation/respite from manhattan (for us) and london (for him) for the last week of June in CORNWALL!

do you know Cornwall?

it was its own country for years and is, of course, the site of Tintagel, the Seat of Arthur (and William’s sister lives awfully nearby so we hope to visit her too if we are on our best behaviour/behavior/manners)

we’ll be staying in Porthleven at a cottage very near the beach.

helpful arrow showing location of cottage. (the children looking for cockles and bugs do not belong to either William nor team gloria ;-)

and according to the guidebook the beach was built during Napoleonic Times – sadly by French prisoners of war – we told you before it was hard to grow up with the bloods of three warring nations – but, on the plus side is there might be distant cousins still residing in the area, one hopes – wonder how we’ll recognize each other.

we could always ask Beatrice, the President of the Old Cornwall Porthleven Society (founded 1970s). we may well drop her a (digital) line right now. sadly we noticed that the Society does not meet in June. which is a pity because, we note from their site, they serve a good tea following each occasion.

All talks followed by refreshments..[Pasty or Tea Treats ] and a ‘cuppa’.

what do you suggest? have you ever been to Cornwall? do tell!

something that deeply appeals is the watching of films set in the place itself.

we are going to start with Ladies in Lavender, starring Maggie Smith and Judi Dench. here is the DVD cover from the German edition, just for some cultural enrichment of mixing-it-up (plus the ladies look much nicer on this one than the other english-speaking covers for some reason).

talking of lavender – our good friend Cheltenham Lady (whom, if you recall, took us to the hospital on the fateful day of September 9th), came round for tea yesterday evening and brought us a gorgeous and Most Thoughtful gift of bath oils, including a sumptuous french lavender which we sunk into Most Gratefully late last night and had a little healing cry, if truth be told. yes, we see the surgeon again today for follow up blood results and have a tiny bit of apprehension as we feel so Horribly Old when we wake up in the morning due to the nasty synthroid…..

3 thoughts on “visions of the last week of June: bucket, spade, novels, tea-shops and William in CORNWALL!

  1. We’ll have set up our own Anglo/ Daughters of the Empire / Kernow siblinghood fellowship stylee (with crest and embossed society arms) by then. And we’ll invite Beatrice to our meeting and give her a cream tea.

  2. This just in!

    A Rather Glam figure, we just happened to know, who is current Abroad (Vienna en route to Berlin, we last heard) suggested the Camomile Lawn, as tis set in Cornwall. Funny enough, George just blogged about Mary Wesley’s book here:

    – and the BBC adaptation of her book was terribly naughty with wartime wickedness and sprightly young things. Divine. And delicious.

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